integrate with rex real estate software

If you are a real estate agent or running an agency and you are after a real estate software that can maximize your capacities, look no further than Rex.

Here at Pulsebay, one of the CRM softwares we work with, Rex, keeps the needs of all types of real estate companies in mind with its easy interface and effective communications. While your business may be capable of completing the same tasks as Rex, the little things build up over time – and can end up being more overwhelming than you could have predicted! Taking that little bit of stress away makes a world of difference, and Rex real estate software is an ideal solution. When you automate the little things, you’re making it easier to put even more effort into providing a quality service to your customers.

There’s a reason Rex is the most popular real estate CRM throughout Australia and New Zealand – several reasons, actually. Rex isn’t just another one-stop-shop CRM where you have to customize the software to match your business model. Rex is by agents, for agents. Being a real estate specific software means that it comes pre-designed to meet any anticipated needs for your business. You won’t have to worry about figuring out the fine print – that’s all been done for you! As far as working with CRM software goes, building a website using Rex CRM is as straightforward as it gets so you won’t need any prior experience working with this kind of software to use it. Rex comes with integration abilities so you’re able to manage any campaigns, forms AND any existing software you’re already using.

Best of all, you’ll never lose track of your hard work as Rex is cloud-based. No more stressing when you leave your work computer at home – everything is easily accessible through the online platform. It’s even available through the App Store and Google Play, so you can keep track wherever you go! The app is fully compatible alongside the software, so you can manage your listings from anywhere, anytime. Need to do some advertising on short notice? No worries – you can create and publish a brochure in minutes. Everything is easy to keep track of through Rex. As a real estate company, you will have access to complete visibility over your leads, listings, and agents. This complete transparency leaves no room for confusion or miscommunication, meaning you can place your trust in your clients and employees.

Our experience with this wonderful slice of software has given us the confidence to recommend it to others and to use again – we want the best for the companies we work with, after all! Rex real estate CRM will save you and your team astronomical amounts of time – time you can use to build up your business and impress your customers. The admin will be taken care of for you – and anything else, Pulsebay will lend a hand to get you all caught up. We’re basically experts on the CRM system already, so you can expect exceptional efficiency, dedication, and quality from our team. We have worked with their API and can help you Build your app at the same time you build your site, as we develop for any platform you deem necessary.

We’ve successfully implemented Rex API with companies we have worked alongside before, and created a super-fast website to meet our clients needs. Telos is a real estate agency based on Auckland’s North Shore, operating with a concentration on luxury and lifestyle properties. With this in mind, we built a stylish website with custom integration using Rex CRM. A sleek real estate software for a sleek real estate website. The site itself is smooth operating and super-fast, impressive not only to our client but to their customers as well.

With our guidance, you won’t need to go through the usual back-and-forth with web developers and the team at Rex – we’ve got all the answers for you! We’ve done the development before, and have any necessary plugins ready to implement for your site – so you pay half the cost you would normally spend for half the time with another web development company. We will help you build your real estate website with the best efficiency you can find, and then hand everything over once we’re done. That’s right – you own the site. We don’t charge our clients any recurring fees, because we’re sure you’ll be satisfied. Don’t worry, we’ll coach you on everything you need to know before the handover!

Pulsebay is a boutique agency based in Auckland that focuses our resources into working with SME businesses. Our passion lies in business performance. If growth is what you’re after, growth is what we’ll give you. When it comes to real estate – it’s all about customer service. You want more than just earning the trust of your customers, you want to show them why you’re trustworthy! We know our partners want to use the best products for their business – and we can show you how.

We know that for smaller businesses, customer relationship management is paramount in building long-lasting relationships between you and the people you work with. However, with a smaller staff and less resources than competitors – the admin of keeping a good face can be exhausting.

We aren’t just another big corporation looking to put in minimal effort to get easy results. The team here at Pulsebay is small and responsive to our clients. We won’t direct you to a call centre, or make you talk to an email Bot, it’s just us! We’ll have someone working with you from the get-go to let you know what we can do for you, with complete transparency regarding any costs and the timeline for project completion. A whole new real estate website build can be daunting for smaller businesses, so we want to do our best so that you feel confident from the beginning.

The sooner you sign up with us, the better for your business. If you want to make the most out of your software, allow the Pulsebay team to take the wheel. Get in touch now.