3 Month Review of Our App Performance

June 26, 2024 | Pulsebay

We’re excited to share some insights about Inspectah, our application designed for building inspectors, which we launched earlier this year. Reaching 5000 downloads is a significant milestone, but the key question remains: Is it truly effective? Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Advertising Insights

  • Ad Performance: Our ads have been performing well, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, generating the most views, comments, and engagement.
  • Initial Strategy: Initially, we kept our advertising open to a global audience rather than
    limiting it. This broader approach provided valuable insights.

Geographical Learnings

  • Market Research: Although our market research was primarily focused on Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, the global approach taught us valuable lessons:
  • Language Differences: The terminology differs significantly. For example, in New Zealand and Australia, we use terms like “property inspections” and “property inspector,” whereas in the UK, they use “surveyor.”
  • Unexpected Markets: Keeping the ads open revealed that Canada and parts of the US still use the term “property inspector,” resulting in good engagement and clicks.

Strategy Adjustments

Dynamic Testing: We’ve decided to implement dynamic tests based on IP addresses. This means that users from the UK will see ads tailored to their local terminology, enhancing relevance and engagement.

Other Campaigns

Google Campaigns: These have provided the most downloads. We’ve been advertising on the Play Store and YouTube, gaining approximately 1150 subscribers on our YouTube channel. Our faceless videos have also garnered interest.

Upcoming Webinars: We’re planning webinars hosted by our co-founder, William Lin – A seasoned building inspector in Auckland, aimed at helping people in the construction industry use inspections as an additional business model. This approach focuses more on providing value than on direct promotion.

Challenges and Learnings

Engagement: One of our biggest challenges has been converting downloads into active users. While many download the application, engagement levels, particularly in booking calendar appointments for demos and converting to paid accounts, need improvement.

Optimization: We are continuously optimizing our strategies. We aim to increase user engagement, transactions, and inspections through detailed analytics monitoring.


While there have been some challenges, reaching over 5000 downloads is a significant milestone. We are excited about our learnings and upcoming strategies and will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more updates on our marketing strategies and successes.