API & Integrations

Let’s Connect the dots

You might be wondering how an API integration system is going to benefit my business? API integration refers to connecting your digital project to an external service. In NZ, most small to medium businesses rely on manual processes. Much to our surprise, even some big enterprises do not have a sophisticated shipping system integrated into their orders system.

For example, let’s hypothesize that your business receives 50 orders in one day on average from multiple sources, including phone calls, email, website, and it is crucial that you dispatch these orders on the same day. Without API, the non-automised model would be time-consuming and labour intensive. Your business personnel, receives the request, checks the inventory to ensure stock levels, inputs orders into a billing software or a CRM, and finally email the Dispatch team. Then the dispatch team packs these orders, calculates prepaid tickets based on distance and size, pastes it on the parcel, and prints order copy to go with the package. It sounds incredibly exhausting!

With a fully automated API model, you can direct all orders to go through your website. Your clients will only be able to purchase a product if it is available in your inventory. The client’s invoice will be automatically sent to them while simultaneously, the order will be placed into the dispatch team’s courier system. The printer will then print the courier ticket with the customer’s details. It is efficient and reduces the chance of manual errors.

At PulseBay, we offer API integration so that you can connect your website or web application with a pre-existing inventory management system, multi market places, accounting software or a database.

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