Adaptive AI Solutions

Welcome to the new world

Catch up with the latest technology! We build Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for your business to boost productivity. Pulsebay has partnered with Rounds Edge Technology, who specializes in creating high-end AI tools and solutions. Your customized AI software makes many everyday processes much more straightforward.

Our experts work to solve the following issues:

Offer your website’s visitors, faster service, and minimize the workload for customer care by utilizing customized chatbots that work 24/7. The chatbots start conversations, answer questions, and delivers qualified leads when your client is live on the website.


In the online world, we collect vast amounts of data every single day. Data processing can be made more accessible with AI which in turn have a substantial financial impact


Offer a customized personal experience to your consumer


Automate repetitive administrative tasks

It is time for you to get in touch with AI, especially when you are facing a small loss of revenue in your business, and you want more time running the business than doing more paperwork. Some of the projects Round’s edge has delivered:




Talk to us to see how we can replace traditional methods using artificial intelligence