ANZ Pharma faced several integration challenges that were hindering their operational efficiency:


Warehousing Software

ANZ Pharma has been using MYOB Advanced for both accounting and warehouse management for years. However, MYOB does not integrate with any of the ecommerce platforms under consideration. This lack of integration made the manual fetching of product and inventory data for 5000 SKUs a daunting and impractical task.


B2C and B2B Capabilities

The chosen platform needed to cover both B2B and B2C markets. These two markets have different needs and could not be treated the same when building a custom integration.


No Centralized Information

Critical product information for SEO, such as product descriptions, images, and product codes, came from hundreds of different suppliers. This information was split across multiple sources, making it challenging to manage efficiently. A smart solution was needed to gather information from suppliers.


Pulsebay provided a comprehensive solution to these challenges:


After careful consideration of different platforms, we settled on a BigCommerce Enterprise solution. This platform offered B2B and B2C capabilities through two different storefronts that could be customized. We could manage stock and inventory effectively using the same backend for both customer segments. As an added bonus, BigCommerce also integrates customer segments, providing a seamless experience for all users.

Custom Integrations:

The BigCommerce API enabled us to complete a custom integration with MYOB Advanced to retrieve real-time stock and inventory data. This integration ensured that invoices are automatically fed back into their account software for every sale made on the website, eliminating any manual work and improving efficiency.

The Brand Portal:

We created a brand portal to facilitate the collection and storage of product descriptions, images, and other brand information from various suppliers. All available brands and products are synced into the portal from their inventory. The ANZ Pharma ecommerce manager only needs to create a link to the brand manager via this portal. The link requests specific information from the brand owners, which is then automatically pushed into the website and stored for later use.

Catalogue Generator Application:

As part of our comprehensive solution, we also developed a Catalogue Generator Application for ANZ Pharma. This application further streamlined their operations and made it easier for them to manage their extensive product portfolio. The application automates the process of creating product catalogues, saving time and reducing errors.

Smooth Onboarding for Suppliers

We implemented a smooth onboarding process for new suppliers. A link is generated and sent to the new supplier, who then goes through a step-by-step process to provide more information about the products they are supplying. Once reviewed, these details are automatically pushed into MYOB, eliminating the need for manual downloads or modifications. This process also led to the centralization of all supplier information in one place, making it easier to manage and access.


The solutions provided by Pulsebay have streamlined ANZ Pharma's operations, making their processes more efficient and effective. The automation of inventory, B2B and B2C orders, shipping, payments, ecommerce, catalogues, content, and marketing has significantly improved their business operations and customer service. The integration of different systems and the automation of various processes have reduced manual work, minimized errors, and improved the overall efficiency of their operations.